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Howdy readers! I’m Evelina “Avery” Cole Photo, a Western Wedding Photographer based in Fort Worth Texas, that is so so excited you’re here!! Who’s excited to learn how to know if a wedding photographer or any wedding vendor is meant to be?? Alright let’s not waste anytime and jump in!!

First off you should LOVE their work and you should be able to see yourself in front of their lens. You would think that this is the most important part BUT I am here to burst your bubble (just a wee bit)! You should love their personality more! This person is going to be with on your wedding day ALL DAY! You both are going to have multiple coordinating calls, meet ups, and so much more. If you only love their style and not their personality, best bet is you both aren’t going to love the experience.

For me, I lean towards more western couples because we live the same lifestyle. We can connect on more deeper level then them simple liking my work. These are the couples that I could spend HOURS with. Nothing is forced and time flies. If growing up on a ranch, working horses, moving cows, and chasing chickens isn’t your jam, thats okay! The best part about this industry is that God has made each and every one of us unique and different, so that means their is a photographer / wedding vendor that you’ll click with and want to spend hours with!

I’m so excited you have found your person or may I even say your forever COWBOY!! If you’re interested in working with me and hiring someone that is invested far part just your wedding day, that cares for the smallest details, and is ready to showcase your wild love story under the vast Texas sky, then lets chat!!

Capturing the Romance – Tips for finding your wedding photographer!

March 6, 2024

Western couple at the alter sharing their first kiss.

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March 6, 2024

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